Pesarattu is a dosa made of whole green gram or moong and a tiny portion of rice. It is a traditional breakfast item in the southern Indian state of Andhra […]

Neer Dosa

Neer Dosa

The literal translation of Neer Dosa is “Water Dosa” in Kannada! Since my maternal family is from Mangalore, we used to have Neer Dosas during our childhood vacations in Mangalore […]

Vermicelli Upma

Long ago in 1947 😁 I had no idea vermicelli has to be roasted before making upma with it. Obviously it became Vermicelli upma-khichdi 🙂Then I started roasting the vermicelli […]

Wheat Dosa (Godambu Dosa)

Wheat flour Dosa or Godambu Dosa is an instant dosa made with wheat flour and one that you can make without any prior preparation. When Mummy used to make it, […]

Tomato Fry

This is one of the easiest and fastest recipes on my blog. I did not think this simple Tomato Fry would be worth a blog-post, but surprisingly a friend requested […]

Lapsi/Bansi Rava Upma

Lapsi is a healthy breakfast option. It is also called Bansi Rava or Broken Wheat. There are many people who are averse to upma of this category i.e. Rava upma, Dahlia, […]

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