Horse Gram Rasam

Horse Gram Rasam

Horse gram rasam is a staple in Karnataka (a southern state in India). It is packed with nutrients – iron, calcium and has a much higher content of protein than […]

Horse gram Curry

Horse gram prepared in this style totally wins me over. This curry calls for brief grinding of horse gram. It is not very commonly known to everybody and those who […]

Palak Rice

Back to blogging after a long time! An elevation in professional life; I got promoted! Took quite some time getting used to my extended work timings, new responsibilities, new workplace […]

Tomato Rice

We never had anything like Tomato Rice at home (yes, I swear!), reason being Mummy’s Lemon Rice.Lemon Rice used to be Mummy’s ‘rescue’ rice. After marriage, I started to wonder about […]

Wheat Dosa (Godambu Dosa)

Wheat flour Dosa or Godambu Dosa is an instant dosa made with wheat flour and one that you can make without any prior preparation. When Mummy used to make it, […]

Tomato Fry

This is one of the easiest and fastest recipes on my blog. I did not think this simple Tomato Fry would be worth a blog-post, but surprisingly a friend requested […]