Masala Dosa

(1) Dosa Masala Dosa is cited as one of the top 10 foods to ‘try before you die’! And mind you, it’s a world-wide survey! Surely, it should be. I […]

Flat Beans Subzi

Flat Beans or Lima Beans are commonly found in our vegetable markets and it’s something I like too 🙂  They are also known as Paapdi, Avarekai. This is Mummy’s adaptation […]

Bread Upma

Mornings, I open the fridge to take the dosa batter. The times when I don’t find that, and instead find 3-4 days old leftover bread, this upma gets made. If […]

Punjabi Samosa

I always thought Samosa is a street-snack and meant to be had only from outside, relishing the Teekha(spicy) chutney and Meetha(sweet) chutney that is packed along. Once, while having one […]

Moong Dal Bhajiya

One of the numerous finger-licking street foods of Mumbai! Moong Bhajiya! It’s called Moong Pakora in Northern part of India, popularly known as Moong ke Pakode aur Pudine ki Chutney 🙂 A tasty […]

Mint Chutney

Spicy Mint chutney or Pudine ki chutney gives an awesome flavour to any sandwich or chaat. I was never able to make perfect mint chutney. Whenever I made it, it […]

Onion-Tomato Chutney

I enjoy all kinds of chutneys, some with dosa-idly, some with rice. Onion chutney is quite common in South India where the small onions or Shallots are widely used. Shallots give onion […]

Potato and Capsicum Bhajiya

Bhajiyas or Pakoras or Bhajjis are a hot favourite on any rainy day. Road-side vendors in Mumbai serve very tasty bhajiyas, but u can squeeze out a bottle-full of oil […]


Erissery or Elissery is a delicacy from Kerala, an indispensable item for Onam and Vishu Feast (sadya). It’s a semi-dry dish of vegetables with ground coconut and spices. It is also known […]

Poha (an Upma with Rice Flakes)

Yet another Maharashtrian classic, Poha (or Pohe). Gets ready in minutes! Poha is an upma with rice flakes mostly eaten as breakfast. This recipe is from the state of Maharashtra. […]