Besan Laddoo

We usually tend to cook what we love to eat. I hardly ever make sweets. You got the message – I do not have a sweet tooth! But of late, […]

Homemade Pav

In Bangalore, one of the things I used to miss badly was the Pav we get in Mumbai. It is super soft, very stretchy and tasty. In Bangalore pav is […]

Pav Bhaji

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Mumbai is the street food. Another reason for that could be the fact that I am synonymous with […]

Matar Paneer

Matar paneer is a beautiful gravy with Green peas and Cottage cheese! It’s winter. And time for many winter-specials like oranges, grapes, red carrots, gooseberries, green peas (matar). During this […]

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is Cottage Cheese in Spinach gravy. It is one of the very first dishes that I learnt to make because I simply love it. To begin with, spinach […]

Palak Rice

Back to blogging after a long time! An elevation in professional life; I got promoted! Took quite some time getting used to my extended work timings, new responsibilities, new workplace […]

Chana Masala/Chole

Chickpeas or Cabuli Chana or Garbanzo beans are high in protein. Also, it is preferred by many over other pulses or beans because it’s softer and tastier.  Chana masala or […]

Masala Dosa

(1) Dosa Masala Dosa is cited as one of the top 10 foods to ‘try before you die’! And mind you, it’s a world-wide survey! Surely, it should be. I […]